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PC Epic Announces New PC-Only Title in Development

Discussion in 'Articles' started by FrozenIpaq, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member

    Last played:
    GTA V on Xbox 360

    This weekend at PAX East 2012, two members of Epic Games have made mention of a new PC-only game that is currently in development. Both the president, Mike Capps, and Gears of War designer, Cliff Bleszinski, mentioned a new title was being worked but did not provide any further details surrounding it.

    Those wondering if it was the trademarked Gears of War: Exile title will be disappointed to hear that the unannounced project (which was just confirmed as being a real title) has been cancelled[...]

    Continue reading: Epic Announces New PC-Only Title in Development...
  2. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member

    Last played:
    inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4
    It's probably another Unreal Tourney game.
  3. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member

    Last played:
    Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
    Another PC centric Unreal would be awesome. UT2k4 was awesome back in the day, wasn't too impressed with UT3 though.
  4. slicer4ever

    slicer4ever Coding random shit

    Last played:
    DARK SOULS on Xbox 360
    I would not have any problem with another unreal, I played countless hours of 2k4 in college.
  5. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member Staff Member

    There aren't any modern arena shooters so UT would really be welcome. Realistic warfare games are getting kinda boring now.
  6. JohnVani18

    JohnVani18 New Member

    Last played:
    Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita
    Nexuiz is coming. ;)
  7. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Staff Member Staff Member

    Last played:
    DARK SOULS on Xbox 360
    Tribes Ascend?

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