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PSP My psp (1000- phat) doesnt want to load games.....

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by kirgiz, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

    My psp (1000- phat) doesnt want to load games.....
    his version is 6.60 official!!!
    i think it coukd be the problem...
    what should i do?!:sneaky2:

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    it will help to downgrade??
  2. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    will they not load from the UMD or what? an ISO?
    can't help without more details
  3. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

    example: i put the Takken 6 to the iso folder...
    then it says when i try to start it, "data corrupted"
  4. Seth

    Seth MD Party Room

    Last played:
    Transistor on PS4
    Well if you on official firmware then it wont load a iso silly...
  5. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

    i know that, the question is can i fix it???
    downgrade maybe?

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    can i go back to cfw??
  6. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    PSP should not be even able to detect things in the "ISO" folder if it's running OFW.
    It would have to be something in the "GAME" Folders for it to even appear.

    Go into your system settings and confirm the Firmware version please.

    If it's a CFW it will usually have some sort of denomination like "Such and such Firmware" "X.XX, or Version-x"

    If it's OFW it will just say "Firmware X.XX"
  7. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

    its ofw !! 6.60!
  8. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    then you need to downgrade so you can install CFW.
    Unless there is a CFW 6.60 that I am unaware of.
  9. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

    how can i downgrade ???
    can you guide me?
  10. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    I think with a 1000 you can downgrade any firmware with a pandora battery. I'm not sure though as I've never used a Pandora battery, and my last 1000 just broke about 3 months ago so I can't test it out for you :( all I have now is a 3000.

    Anyone else have an idea?

    If not , try googling "PSP 1000 6.60 downgrade"
  11. kirgiz

    kirgiz New Member

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