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PSP Peace Walker strange loading issue.

Discussion in 'Metal Gear Series' started by Trigun, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    Ok, so last year I bought the BB Bundle for Peace walker and I played through the game with 6.20 OFW and got about 90 hours of playtime in.

    Now flash forward to a few days ago, I am still running OFW 6.20 on this PSP with TN-E occasionally for homebrew. I pop in my PW UMD, install all relevant data to my memory stick and I go to load my save data from last year and after it loads it just sends me back to the title screen!

    I have a second memory card with another save on it, I tried to load that and the same thing happened. :(

    I start a new game, save it and that loads just fine.


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