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[RELEASE] PSP Download Enabler v1.00

Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew Releases / Discussion' started by SAND33P, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. SAND33P


    Yes its back and better than ever!

    Cloud1250000 brings you PSP download enabler, which allows you to download from various file sharing sites all on your PSP in a single easy to use webpage. This coupled with PSP FILER and Simply Saver, you can do just about anything!

    New Features
    -New design
    -New system
    -New server

    Why should you use this?
    -Better download speed then a "Premium link generator" (aka. debrider)
    -Optimized for PSP, improved page loading speed and less ads
    -Intuitive design
    -Open to suggestions
    -I'm an awesome guy

    Go there now! pspdownloader.info
    Original Tutorial HERE
    Old PSP friendly Tutorial HERE

    You can also download the RadioPlayer downloader for easy access from your XMB

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