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Writing Chinese Character Recognition App

Discussion in 'NDS Homebrew' started by andwan0, May 18, 2009.

  1. andwan0

    andwan0 New Member

    I have been trying to find a good Chinese Character Input (by hand-writing) and dictionary lookup on Nintendo DS.

    DSZhongwen (http://www.rodrigoroman.com/rrc2soft/) is nice, but cannot do hand-writing input.

    HanziDict (http://kiang.org/jordan/software/hanzilookup/hanzidict.html) is very very nice as it can do hand-writing input and dictionary lookup. The problem is: it's written in Java + Swing + AWT. I have looked at Java Runtime for Nintendo DS but even if we got that working... it wouldn't have AWT or Swing libraries.

    I found a AWT C++ alternative library, but not one for Swing yet. It should be possible to port java code to C++.

    Once HanziDict is ported to C++ and working on PC... how easy would it be to port it for Nintendo DS?
  2. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor Staff Member

    Last played:
    Saints Row IV on PS3
    well the nintendo DS is programmable through c++ so it should be easy :)
    just remember that, the DS is NO PC! only 4MB of ram and 2 slow processors!

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