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100% Completion Guide for Google Santa Tracker for Android


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I have good news for those who want to finish Google Santa Tracker on Android. It is now possible. However, you need to get specific versions to help you do this. Let me skip the lengthy talk and cut to the chase.

Based on the achievements, there are 4 minigames that you must play to get this done:
- Dasher Dancer (4 achievements)
- Elf Jetpack (15 achievements)
- Rocket Sleigh (6 achievements)
- Snowdown (5 achievements)

The three versions of the game you need are:
- Version 3.1.1
- Version 4.0.09
- Latest version

Dasher Dancer works on all 3 versions. You can play it on any version of the game and get the 4 achievements. For each character, perform the 8 phone movements:

- Swipe up
- Swipe down
- Swipe left
- Swipe right
- Tap
- Shake
- Zoom in
- Zoom out

Elf Jetpack is available on Version 3.1.1 and the latest version. However, there are some significant limitations in the latest version of the game. First, you can only control the elf by tilting the phone. Next, you only get one point for each falling candy and two points for each falling present. While your timer increases for every goodie you pick up, it goes up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Lastly, when you get hit with a piece of coal, you lose one point and 5 seconds off your timer. As such, you can only average a score of around 250 points. On a good day, you might get over 300. These limitations render it impossible to unlock the 500-point score achievement, let alone the others. Also, you can only get a 3x combo in that version. Because Version 3.1.1 has the free finger movement and a better scoring system, you can get the 4x combo and the score achievements all in one try.

Rocket Sleigh is available in all versions but I personally found that is was easier to get 50,000 points in the latest version. I have not personally tried that minigame in Version 4.0.09. Nevertheless, to get the best chances of getting the 50,000 points, here are a couple of things you should do. First off, avoid hitting any obstacles. Doing so increases your chances of picking up presents worth 500 points. Also, this allows for each present in the final gift trail near the finish line to be worth 500 points. This helps to boost your score by a significant number of points. Next, anticipate and time your movement when you see presents coming in from the right of the screen. Some presents will require you to come off the gas and just allow your rocket to drop. As soon as you grab them, go back up again. This will take some practice. If you have experience in games like Flappy Bird, this would not be a problem. Try to avoid hitting anything though. Finally, do not risk getting all the presents. You do not have to. You can miss a few of them and still get the 50,000 points. If you are really good, you can get all the achievements for this minigame in very few tries; theoretically, they can be obtained in one try.

Snowdown requires Version 4.0.09 as it fails to load in Version 3.1.1 and is removed in the latest version. This one will take the longest to complete as you have to throw 10,000 snowballs to get the final achievement in that minigame and you can only throw as many as 10 at a time. The goal is to knock the three red elves out to win the game. As the game focus on the number of snowballs thrown, you do not have to win rounds for the throws to count. Yet, it would be smart to learn how to play so that you have a better chance of stockpiling snowballs and throwing them effectively and blocking incoming snowballs when you have to. If your throws are blocked, that is fine. As a matter of fact, you get more opportunities to throw more snowballs in tge same round. You can aim for throwing 10 big piles in each round (remember to block shots) and that should be about 100 snowballs thrown. You can check your progress in the achievements section.

The best approach to getting all 30 achievements is by doing the available minigames in the earliest version (3.1.1) and moving on. Clean up Dasher Dancer and Elf Jetpack in that version. It should require no more than 2 hours of straight playing.

Next, get Version 4.0.09 to deal with Snowdown. This will take a while. Try and do Rocket Sleigh here. If you can get it done, that would be great. Because, when you finish Snowdown, you won't need the latest version. If that does not work, then you will have to get the latest version of the game to do Rocket Sleigh.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post links here but if you want, you can contact me and I will give you the necessary information on how to get those two versions.

Have fun completing this title.