1. Ray

    Ray New Member

    Hi guys am thinking of getting a DS, now here is the question DS Lite or DSi, am totally new to the DS so i have some questions i would like to ask.

    1 - Wich is best DS Lite or DSi
  2. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor

    1- DSlite has GBA and accessories like for Guitar Hero and etc.. DSI doesn't, though its screens are bigger and its slimmer than the DS lite.
    Don't know what you would like in your DS so... please be more specific. But imho, the DSLite is the best choice

    2- Only "Storage" on DS lite is through carts like R4 or M3...

    3 - Not yet

    4 - Nope

    5 - Yup, in my opinion ofc
  3. r4ids

    r4ids New Member

    I have a DS and R4 SDHC card and I love it. DSi has bigger screen, so it's more comfortable play with it. Acekard is also great to have, lel.

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