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360 USB hack?


MD Party Room
I really havent dove into this in a really long time but is there a USB hack for slim 360 yet?


MD Party Room
USB as in USB Drive? If so there is none to my knowledge just the usual flash DVD drive with new firmware type of deal

Ahh I heart my friends talking about a simple one click usb method to hack your 360,looks like they where just BSing


Shockingly Delicious
There's no simple USB hack.

There is the x360key (xk3y), and Wasabi360 which are the easiest hacks for 360 right now as all you have to do is connect the device to your 360 drive and motherboard (no soldering or flashing the drive needed) and it will emulate disks from ISOs on an external hard drive (also connected to the device).

These devices are around $100 USD