41 Megapixels showed by Nolia 808

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by AlexBen, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. AlexBen

    AlexBen New Member

    :w00t:Nokia 808 PureView, a smartphone with a 41MP camera. I earlier hands-on provided with a glimpse of the new Symbian Airaccent smartphone but i am very wondering about the real meaning behind this 41MP sensor.

    So what does that number really mean, and do more megapixels translate to better looking pictures? What are the challenges of squeezing so many megapixels into such a small sensor, and why does the smartphone save its images in 5MP when it has a 41MP camera? :confused1:
  2. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Staff Member Staff Member

    The sensor is 41megapixels, sure.
    The images it saves are smaller though for storage reasons. 41 megapixel images take up a LOT of data and saving them would take ages compared to 5 megapixels.
  3. Zx30

    Zx30 Beto

    They could have suckered more people in if they just kept the Megapixels lower. But 41 is just pushing it to the obvious.
  4. AlexBen

    AlexBen New Member

    Thanks menaceinc .
    but Can the NOLIA 808 Replace Your Digital Camera?....in my eyes ,To useing the smartphone snapshot It is already a fact and trend.
    i also like this .I often take my love products or cool gadgets shot down and then to make a comparison in Tthe Airaccent ...Good fun


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