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A couple of stadia games with no images


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I've fixed the game icons, thank you! I'm not sure if there's anything we can do about the achievement icons, I've forced a re-scan of the icons but they're not getting picked. That game possibly doesn't have any images in the API, @x3sphere will have to check. Now that I've connected it to the other platforms, it should automatically import the icons available on Steam version. It won't work for achievements that have different names though.


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Thank you got looking, I appreciate it!
There is something similar with another game, Lake, https://www.exophase.com/achievement/lake-stadia/8886-cat-lover/#1990839
Although, the achievement icons do show in some places.
It's been fixed now. A few other games that are missing icons also seem to be lacking them on the Stadia site as well. I have it setup to fall back to icons from another platform (if available) on the achievement list pages but this swap doesn't happen on other pages yet, that's something we are working on though.