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A little bit about myself!


Hello everyone,

I've been registered here for almost a year but I never introduced myself. My name is Sacha. I live in a small town located in the south of Belgium.
I'm currently 19 years old and I'll turn 20 in 9 days 😃. I'm very happy to be part of this community. I'd like to thank @x3sphere because I think
he made an amazing job by putting this all together. I really think that this platform is the best you can find today to manage your achievements.
That's the reason I just subscribed to premium. When I manage to find the time, I mainly play on PC and Xbox, but I also play a lot on Android.
Needless to say, I'm an active achievement hunter. That's why we are here, no? Tell me what you like about video games!

I'm studying computer sciences at the Brussels University, as a second year student. If I can be of any help, it would be my pleasure!
By the way, English is not my native langage. That's why I can sometimes make some language related mistakes. I apologise!

Take care,
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Name is Stephen i have been on exophase for almost 6 years now. I love all kinds of video games my favorite being JRPGs/RPGs. I too enjoy getting achievements (from easy games to hard ones lol).

I started achievement hunting back in like 2009 on my 360...but got into it waaaayy more into it like in 2010-2011 when i got my ps3 and was able to play online (compare with friends).

Back then i tried sticking to one console for achievement/trophy hunting...until i came across exophase.com and raptr and even playfire.com which were all great tracking sites...once raptr died off (stop tracking) i stuck to exophase and playfire....but playfire tracking was broken and did not work properly so exophase.com was my main tracking site....well playfire and raptr sites dont exist anymore but the king of them all still stands and that is exophase.

Im glad to see where exophase was and now what it has become...tracking all kinds of platforms and still adding more and more features. I truly cant wait to see where it goes from here im excite as this is another home for me. I always boast and like to thank @x3sphere and his team for all the hard work they do for this site ( i know it is not easy). But thank you for this site it amazing.

As for me im a hardcore gamer and i work at a school with the special needs students. 😎👍
Also would like to note that i too with always contribute to the site anyway i can and will always be a premium member. GAME ON AND FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW ME AND CHAT