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A Song You Discovered Today


In an effort to introduce people to nice/artistic music they they may be missing out on:

* Name a song you recently discovered and really like. Something you think is exceptionally good.

* Only one song per person per day. So think carefully before posting :p

* Always post the genre and make sure its accurate.

Here we go:
Dream Theater - Count of Tuscany
Progressive Rock - Lots of transitions; Various styles; Starts of pretty heavy becomes nice and melodious (after around 10:00).
Like the old DT and not like the crap they put out in the last few albums.


I'm not dead
Discovered this on my ipod last week.

Tommyknocker - Twist

Hardcore. Vocal samples from Korn - Twist. Absolutely banging tune.

Listen to with some decent speakers/headphones as it has very heavy bass and distorts on crappy speakers.


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I heard this song on the radio, then learned the dance. NOw I sing it at soaphops.



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I recently discovered "70 Times 7" by Brand New.
We'll go with post-punk as the genre. It's really catchy.


Music Is The Danger (Club Edit) - Axel Le Baron
It sounds like disco house to me, love this track.


I heard this song on the radio, then learned the dance. NOw I sing it at soaphops.

"jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk .....ur a jerk"

Saw some kids at the bowling alley hop out of their cars and start dancing to this. Pretty funny how fast the crowd formed.
Anyways discovered Rise Against not too long ago (sad, I know)
Really like this song:
The Good Left Undone - Rise Against

It's classified as Melodic Hardcore and/or Punk Rock. If you haven't listened to any Rise Against, I recommend you pick up both Appeal to Reason and The Sufferer & The Witness



It wasn't exactly today, but recently I discovered I Love the Bloody Beetroots by The Bloody Beetroots (I know, haha). It's electronic. I fell in love with it as soon as the main riff started. While not groundbreaking, it's still original in terms of electronic, IMO.


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Owl City - Fireflies.

Ambient/electronic/pop. Sounds just like The Postal Service, only happier. This song is just so clean sounding and happy, and it's catchy even if the lyrics are strange and forgettable.


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Song: The Grand Vizier's Garden Party
Artist: Pink Floyd
Genre: Avant-garde

It's split into three parts: Entrance, Entertainment, Exit. It's pretty pretentious, but in a good way xD.


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Muse - Uprising
The download said Alternative - Matt's got a deeper voice, chanting and the synths! think Dr. Who ;) I like it, maybe not as good as an album opener, but still good.


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Search and Destroy - The Stooges

Great 70's punk stuff.


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uhh yesterday i heard Thank you too - My Morning Jacket inside of an entertainmart. That song is beautiful.


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Survival of the Fittest - Baba Brinkman

it's on The Rap Guide to Evolution. the whole album is great.

he has the whole album up for free to dl on his site: Babasword Home


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Anchor & Braille - Summer Tongues

The album this song is in. Is a GREAT record. Top 10 of the year definitely. It's very mellow. Great for fall music listening.


Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix)

Electro house. Alex Metric is one great producer and this remix really shows his talent.