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Accidentally changed "Last Played" on a title, can't fix


New Member
This happened just now while I was going through my synced PS3 games and manually adding rough playtime estimates for each one. When I was filling out my playtime for Red Dead Redemption I must've accidentally opened up the "Last Played" field and then forgotten I had done so, because now my profile shows that I last played it today around 6 PM. This is not correct and I would like to change it to the real date and time: July 9th, 2019, 1:20 AM. However every time I try and do this it automatically goes back to what it's currently set to. Help?


Staff member
Enforcer Team
The issue is that the system doesn't let you change the date to an earlier one if the tracked time is greater. For some reason it is reporting November 23 on PSN, although that is the trophy sync date - they don't give a real last played date for anything before PS4.

I'm not sure why the trophy sync date updated all of a sudden (unless you synced trophies on PS3 recently, maybe that triggered it). If you view your profile on the PS website, it is also showing RDR before everything else... https://my.playstation.com/profile/Voidblivion/trophies