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  1. CardinalFunky

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    I currently play on a couple of platforms and consoles which include:
    1. PlayStation 4
    2. PlayStation 3
    3. Xbox 360
    4. PC - Steam, Origin,, U-play & etc.
    The main online-multiplayer game that I play quite extensively is Overwatch. Other than that, I play video games for competitive and achievement purposes. I do play to have fun, but the fun of gaming tends to go stale, if I keep doing the same interactions or actions, repeatedly, without a good enough reason for doing so. This reason needs to also be backed with a reward attached. For example, achievement points and trophies.

    I do what I do because it not only gives me a reason to keep playing the games I love/like, but it also shows how good I am at the games I play and how much dedication I have to doing what I do. Other than that, I am just a hardcore gamer.

    Nice to meet everyone and hopefully we can learn from our experiences.
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  2. NocturnalNL

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    welcome :p I play for fun, so that makes me a "filthy casual"? lol
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  3. Zurc

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    For fun for achievements and trophies its all the same get to gaming whoooook
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