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Add "hide until next time played" option


New Member
Hello. I'd like to propose an option for hiding games that will only hide them until they are played again / until you unlock a new achievement (for the platforms that don't allow game time tracking) instead of hiding them forever.

It would be useful for two cases:
-When somebody idles the game for Steam trading cards but plans on playing it in the future (so after idling the player would hide it and it would automatically unhide when they actually start playing it for real)
-When somebody starts playing a game but then drops it for the time being and returns to it much later (for example, I have NIER on PS3 showing in my played games because I installed the game from disc, but never actually played it. It would be nice to hide it from my Exophase profile for the time being and have it automatically reappear when I start actually playing it and earning trophies)