PC Age of Empires 3

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I am a huge fan of games that make you think, especially turn-based or real-time strategies. Age of Empires 3 was one of those games that not only made me think (and think rather fast, even though the game is not as fast as 8-bit armies or Starcraft, speed is important ), but also completely stole my heart.This is the first game of the series that I played, never got to play first and second parts. I can't call myself a pro, I still must learn a lot of tactics and little things even though I managed to beat AI on hard. It was quite a challenge, but when the enemy was confident in his victory, I staged a revolution and put him in the ground rather fast thanks to somehow correct way I used my soldiers.

So, I would really like to discuss all aspects of the game. Which faction is the strongest, which tactic is better, which Home Town cards are the most useful, which map is the best? I would like to hear your opinions.