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[Alpha] Testers needed.


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i need assistance in testing the gameplay of a puzzle game i've made, the concept is simple, modify the board such that the number of red/green/blue tiles match the targeted number in the right panel.

This is an ALPHA version, which means core gameplay is finished, however, all that nice menu stuff you find in other games is not here, just the very core concept of the entire game is complete.

Instructions for playing:
-You can only change one color at a time, and that color is pre-determined at start of the board(outlined in white are the tiles that you can flip at any given moment.), changing that tile changes all the tiles directly linked to it.
-Left click to flip forward(i.e red->green->Blue->Red), or right click to go backwards(i.e red->Blue->Green->red).
-The color the tile's will change to are half outlined when u mouse over a tile.(left change will outline on the leftward side, right press color on the rightward side)
-When you win, simple hit enter to play again.

looking for feedback in:
-Ideas for improvement(for example, i've thought of speed runs to be added as a game type, larger boards have been implemented, but i've forced it to a 4x4 board.)
-Any glitch's/Bugs you find i would very much like to know about.
-Fun/addictivness, i'm trying to create a simple, but addicting game, so tell me what you think, and please keep it constructive.


download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6a6w4i


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Interesting concept, though the game in my opinion is extremely difficult. I found myself just clicking random tiles after having made 15 well-thought out moves and having gotten nowhere. Maybe there is a method to figuring this out, but I don't see it. I didn't find any bugs, though I also am pretty stuck for suggestions as to where to go with this. Maybe you could include more or less colours depending on the level and show the level-specific colour flipping order to try and make it so you have more than one device for adjusting the difficulty of levels? I don't quite understand the mechanics behind which colour turns to what when clicked though, so maybe this would mess up the whole concept of the game. I'm not sure. Just an idea. Also, if there is a standard method to solving this puzzle other than trial and error, then maybe you could also try and implement a sort of 'hint' system whereas after a certain period of inactivity, the game suggests a move to the player to try and help them out by way of a shining tile or something? Again, just an idea. Anyway, best of luck with your project, I somewhat enjoyed playing the alpha. :) Nice work.


Coding random shit
thanks for the feedback, i do admit the game can be rather difficult at first, but once you learn the system to it, then it can be rather easy on smaller sized puzzles(the 10x10 boards on hard difficulty is....lets just say i've yet to beat one myself.)

i like the idea of a hint system, and think i'll actually implement it, i also couldn't think of any other game mode than basic move counter scoring system.

anyway, i'm currently looking for a gfx artist so i can finish out the game, the guy i had do the music also said he'd do the gfx's but seems to have bailed out on me.