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Androids 12 days of xmas sale!

im buying quite a few apps so when i get mah galaxy nexus
also bought minecraft it frozed the first time but worked after with fps lag though. But ill assume that it is my dated device.


Shockingly Delicious
I wish there was a way to buy these apps without needing an android device.
I've been wanting a 10' Android tablet, but I'm still waiting for prices to drop before I buy one for myself.

Luckily I convinced my boss to buy a tablet a few weeks ago to test some of our software. I guess I'll be doing a lot of over night testing for the next 12 days.
If you didn't see it on the first day then you must have missed Swiftkey X which was AWESOME for $0.10. You also missed Soundhound.

Get NHL Rivals, it's fun. Reckless Racing Play is also very good.

Read It Later and Beautiful Widgets are also good.


Los Doyers!
Which I don't mind personally since I missed out on some of these