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Anime/Manga Discussion


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so, i just read all of claymore, is a pretty epic story, I had watched the anime a while back, but i didn't bother to continue with the manga until a few days ago.
I felt the anime was promising at first but then turned into the standard slicing arms & legs off type.


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Some of my fave anime/manga
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul (Im reading the manga)
Shinrie Tantei Yakumo (Psychic Detective Yakumo) both anime and manga is awesome
Code Geass
Detective Conan
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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I forgot the other animes/mangas I used to check haha
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Anyone here reads Hunter X Hunter? I'm liking all the build-up of events in the boat but it went on hiatus again.


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A few months back I watched full metal alchemist and full metal alchemist brotherhood entirely. That was a great anime...


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MY TOP Fav are;
1)kokou No Hito ( Climber ) - One of the most underrated manga ever. Absolutely amazing art. Completed.
2)Holyland - Masterpiece. Will never forget it and the MC. Completed.
3)Berserk - Legendary manga. Insane art. Ongoing. The old anime is 26episodes.watch that then read the manga.
4)Vagabond - Historical manga about Japanese swordsmen. Hiatus.
5)Beck - The feels. Manga about a band. Completed. Ongoing
6) Naruto Filler list.
7)My Hero Academia arcs- Love the episode no#10(Encounter with the Unknown)
8) Vegeta (Dragon Ball filler)8) Kurogane and Fay (Tsubasa Chronicle)