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Announcing Reviews Section


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Enforcer Team
Wanted to let everyone know that we here at Exophase.com have teamed up with online retailer PowerPlayDirect to launch a brand-new reviews section for the site.

Our resident game reviewer, Dave Roberts, has taken up duties to manage the section. Thanks to the folks over at PowerPlayDirect, our team will provide in-depth reviews for the latest game releases on all current-gen console and handheld platforms, including the PSP, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

Check out the first reviews here. And again, much gratitude to PowerPlayDirect for the support. Be sure to check the site out and have a browse through their recent deals.


Soon to be hardware mod
This is really cool idea would love to see this get a section or tab on the side. I would also like to see it get a percentage rating and become a little more refined. Also a place for memebers to rate the game and leave comments. Finally where can i sing up. Sry for the horrible grammer but are these games gonna be not released yet reviews or reviews of them once they're out?