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Multi Any News on Destiny DLC Trophies/Achievements?


New Member
Has anyone heard anything about trophies/achievements for the upcoming Dark Below DLC? I remember Bungie released their initial list for the game more than 2 months before it came out. We are just a week away from the DLC and nothing has been mentioned.

No other sites seem to have info on it and Bungie hasn't even said anything. Even after the large patch yesterday nothing showed up. I know Exophase normally gets their hands on lists early and was hoping some light could be shed on this.

Honestly though, I'm not sure what types of trophies/achievements they could implement. They already have the basics covered. Really, I can only see "story" related trophies, maybe a PvP trophy or two, and I'm hoping that there is NOT another Flawless Raider.