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AOL: Don't buy a PS3


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AOL recently compiled a list of tech gadgets you should not buy this year. Among the contenders was the PS3 ranked at #2. They said due to all the initial bugs and limited number of games its best to hold off on buying one, and get a Wii or Xbox 360 instead.



Heard something about alot of them having problems when you first turn them on.


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yup its all business... promote you partners and screw the rest. but if you really in a bind, screw your partners and promote yourself...

I was thinking about it in class today and i bet the reason AOL has listed the ps3 was because they are a huge affiliate with Microsoft. Every copy of windows installs a trial of AOL software so by promoting more Microsoft Products they probably get more business. Maybe they are hoping to see a pre-install of AOL on the 360, who knows.

you may have a point but nintendo was not on the list.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
I dunno 'bout y'all but I think Vista should be moved to #1. It's a crap amalgamation of OS garbage, the worst of garbageware that exists, IMO.