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Apple Arcade Support


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Now, I know this has been mentioned a bunch, and the answer is always no, but I've got an idea. You can compare other players achievements if you're friends with them I believe. Is it possible for there to be some sort of Exophase account you have to friend request, and then you can be tracked? I don't know how possible this is, as I haven't had much experience with Apple Arcade and I don't know how Exophase intergration works. But I figure it's an interesting idea.


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Enforcer Team
It could potentially work for pulling some of the user info, but I still don't know of any way to view the full list of games someone has played on Apple Arcade. I believe if you have a user added as a friend, it only shows their most recently played game.

There might be a limit to as to how many friends you can add as well which would be an issue with this. It's a good idea though. I will look into it again when iOS 14 is released as apparently there will be some changes with the GameCenter integration.