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Are Achievements and Trophies a Bit Broken?

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Now I know that headline is going to cause issues given what this site is about. And its not the intent but hey maybe people will actually see that and storm in here to answer.

The point is this - if you were designing an achievements/trophies system how would you do it? The reason I ask is say you love achievements and trophies (which we will assume otherwise why be here right?) but are kinda starting out.

There are now hundreds of games that you can no longer "finish" - so sure I can play say Gran Turismo 5 and get every achievement bar the 2 that are online only and with servers now shut I can never complete them.

Surely the designers should, by now, have a system that allows newer gamers to achieve 100% without penalising people because they joined late?

To me the system seems to be stuck in the dark ages where if you were not at the start of the party then sorry...too bad. Surely it should be more inclusive?

For example, surely a system that allows one to basically be allowed to "achieve" a trophy that is now unavailable is better? Its a conundrum I have had for a while and the problem is just going to get worse.



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I don't really have an answer to your questions, but I feel like achievements and trophies are an afterthought for most developers, and I think some of them would rather not have any at all.

Microsoft looks like they're working on a revamp of achievements though, so it'll be interesting to see if they address any of your very valid points.
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Yeah I have read they looking into them for possible re-jig - will be interesting to see what they come up with.

In truth there isnt an answer I guess, but I owe hundreds of games of which some are sports franchises I never to at the time (some of us folks work dammit :)). So of course there alone, most achievements are simply null and void.

Kinda irritating.

Lets see what other folks suggest.
Personally, I've always wanted online trophies to be flagged as optional hidden (obviously games like DC Universe, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny etc, would be different). How they would work is any online trophies/achievements you obtain would be added to your Gamerscore/trophy count like regular, but you wouldn't be penalized for not being able to achieve them.

Think of it very similarly to how Forzon Horizon 3 has the #Forzathon achievements that give you 0 gamerscore points but don't count against you if you don't have them, they are just optional. Now obviously I'm suggesting they have SOME kind of point values but it's just a comparative idea.

If that sounds too cheesy, heck, I would applaud games having two separate achievement lists. If you start the game, you get the offline list. If you boot up the multiplayer on the main menu, then you get the online list. Just something to curb the real low percentages we have because we get large penalties for just firing the game up.