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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - No achievements list.


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Hello, i've recently synchronized my Exophase profile with Uplay, and played Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China which has achievements, but after obtaining one and synchronizing Uplay account, it shows the game as played on the list, but says that there are no achievements available for this game, even though in my Uplay account, it shows everything correctly and i have successfully earned achievements in that game. Can this be fixed?


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Oh, ok. Makes sense. So atm no ubisoft game at all supports achievements display at Exophase? Fix should be awaited from Ubisoft themselves?


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Yup, you're correct, unless they release a public API (or make the achievements publicly accessible), there's not much we can do on our side.

There were suggestions about adding a manual way to track your achievements progress without giving you points for the leaderboards, which the dev is considering as an option.


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Oh, that would be at least something since it would be a bummer to rule out Uplay completely because of that. Something tells me neither of those things will happen anytime soon, so, yeah. At least manual editing of it, would give some incentive to keep the profile alive and active. It also helps that it's thankfully not something big as steam, or gog, so i doubt many would also want to abuse it (considering there is, obviously, no point in doing so, otherwise why would you care that much to track your cheevos anyway, if you're playing unfair.), since there aren't that much games there anyway, it wouldn't be as much of hassle as with any other services. So making this exception for Ubisoft is a nice idea! Hope it get's implemented soon, looking forward to it! (Or miracle happens and Ubi fixes it :D) Thank you for clearing this out for me!
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