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ATI HD Radeon 4800: CCC fails to open on Windows 7

Josey Wales

Evil Poptart
Ive had this problem for over a year now. My GFX card worked fine on Vista but as soon as I upgraded to Windows 7 64bit all that time ago - Catalyst Control Center refuses to open.

"Catalyst Control Centre: Host application has stopped working"

This error pops up twice whenever I try to start it up.

The odd and crazy thing is that the card works perfectly otherwise. Theres no issues other than that I cant actually configure the card at all because I cant get into CCC.

Ive looked around for a while and eventually gave up because I couldnt find anything on it. I havent found an exact match of my problem.

Ive tried a clean reinstall. Reinstalling drivers. Using Vista drivers. Using different versions of CCC. Nothing works.