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Auto-update to Facebook Stories


New Member
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Exophase and I'm amazed at how functionally complete this platform is.
I've shared it with friends and a lot of them love it as well.

Just wanna drop a suggestion: Would be great to have an option to auto-update to Facebook Stories.
Updating to FB Stories would allow friends to have a glimpse at my gaming activity without spamming my timeline full of achievements.
Functionally I'd imagine it be similar to the current auto-update feature for twitter.

Keep up the awesome work!


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Thanks for the suggestion! However Facebook's API doesn't allow it, unfortunately. Early on it was possible to auto post things on Facebook but they've gradually locked down the platform more. Over the past year or so they've removed almost all permissions that would allow a site to auto post anything.

It's also why our FB integration now uses their share widget instead of being able to type the message from the site itself like when sharing things manually on Twitter. And we have no control over that widget so it wouldn't be possible to set something up that automatically submits the content.

I believe some of these restrictions have also led Sony in removing FB integration from the PS4. And obviously they had way more pull with Facebook than we do. So unless FB opens up the API again, I don't see this as being possible.