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Banned players decreasing achievement rating


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A banned player called "Dang Phuong" keeps decreasing the rating of several games on Google Play, an example is the game "Fernanfloo" where with one achievement he drops the rating by over 40,000. I would like this checked.
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Correct, they are not banned, it seems they just made their GP profile private. Private profiles are still counted towards stats.

Considering the profile has been private for months though, I decided to wipe their data.


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Correto, eles não foram banidos, parece que apenas completaram seu perfil GP privado. Perfis privados ainda contam para as estatísticas.

Considerando que o perfil está privado há meses, decida limpar seus dados.
Acho que esse infeliz criou outra conta chamada "IVIOJIODOY" e está desbloqueando todas as conquistas no GP ao mesmo tempo. Por favor, bani-lo.

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g4aw, if you click on the player's nickname in the leaderboard, you will see the player's profile. There is a function "Report". It was created specifically for the purpose of catching cheaters.
I have already sent a report. Now when the administrator / enforcer team is online they will check the information.


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I also sent the report, but as the post was already created I decided to let adm know here too, maybe it can be a "thread" to report these cheaters on Google Play.

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