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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by ultimakillz, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    i didn't see another thread for discussing this game so i made one. i thoroughly enjoyed the first one and i'm definitely planning on picking this up for ps3. it looks like it's going to be an amazing game. the first one is a game i still play a lot, so i'm really looking forward to adding a game with great replay.

    btw, a friend of mine and i are going in together on this deal at bestbuy. basically if you pre-order and purchase 5 select titles from them you will get a $100 gift card, so basically $20 per game. if anyone is interested here is a link:
  2. Robby

    Robby Los Doyers!

    I've been playing it for the past 2 days now, it's an awesome game. I actually was one of the few that didn't like the first one, or atleast thought it was as great as many have been making it out to be, but this game rocks.

    It's definitely nice to play something other then a shooter.
  3. Seth

    Seth MD Party Room

    Yea looks like it pretty much on torrent sites atm. I have it pre ordered for 48 bucks on newegg a while back, I just hope I have time to beat rage before it get here.
  4. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    i picked up my copy yesterday and had a little bit to play it last night. the game looks great. the only issue i've had so far is that it throws you right into the middle of the chaos, and with all the side missions and extra stuff i was having a hard time figuring out what to do next. i've really enjoyed the time i've played it though.
  5. TeamOverload

    TeamOverload Active Member

    That's actually reassuring. I couldn't really get into the first one either, but something about Arkham City has caught my eye. I'll probably check it out at some point I suppose.
  6. PR0fessor Burnt

    PR0fessor Burnt Active Member

    I've been playing for about an hour or two now and so I really like. My only gripe is that I had to download the Catwoman levels.
  7. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Picked it up last night at Walmart (I hate going to brick and mortar stores, customer service was horrible and I hate having to wait till someone can open the game case for me to get a game).

    The only positive aspect was the Walmart version of the game comes with Akrham Asylum GOTY edition for free. Have only played for about an hour total though. I actually prefer the linear aspect of Asylum to the new open world environment
  8. eldiablov

    eldiablov Contributor

    This game is fucking awesome. I bought the limited edition because it was the only one they stocked in Game, but I wanted Robin anyway.

    This game is like Arkham Asylum + Spiderman 2. I love this shit.
  9. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    The timing for this release couldn't have been worse for me. I'll never get to it with the games I'm currently playing and all the ones releasing in November.
  10. Sousanator

    Sousanator Shockingly Delicious

    So true. There hasn't been anything worthwhile for a few months and now all of a sudden there's at least 4 action/platformers (which is my favourite genre) and I'm either going to have to speed through all of them, or end up never finishing them (due to forgetting about them once the next game comes along). Releasing all these AAA games in the same two months isn't good for their game.

    I also agree with FrozenIpaq about liking the linear gameplay better, at least for now. I'm sure I'll like the open world once I'm further in the game and used to it.

    Also if you haven't completed the first four AR Trainings, do them now, grapneling boosting and gliding around the city makes getting across the city much faster.
  11. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    do you get another boost if you complete the second round of ar training? they are MUCH harder and i was wondering if it's worth the time.
  12. Sousanator

    Sousanator Shockingly Delicious

    From what I read, you only get an achievement/trophy, but I'm still stuck on AR2 Training 1 so I'm not 100% sure. I have the rest complete except that one. I can get in the funhouse, but I always end up hitting the big pipe in the ceiling or landing on the ground halfway in.

    EDIT: Yep just an achievement, I just completed the one I had problems with by realizing Batman straightens himself out after a dive bomb.
  13. eldiablov

    eldiablov Contributor

    The ending of this game was brilliant. Disappointed that it wasn't more of a challenge in the final fight but I ended up feeling sort of sad anyway :(
  14. Andy

    Andy Champion of the Sun

    x3sphere bought this game on steam for me, great guy I can't wait till release.
  15. eldiablov

    eldiablov Contributor

    That reeks of favouritism to me...
  16. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Must have sent him some cock shots.
  17. Andy

    Andy Champion of the Sun

  18. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Teh Fett Mawn

    yea, i finally got it too. all the rest were easy except the first. i would either hit the teeth of the pipe like you said. the other were cake.

    & lol @ cock shots & ash pedreiro.
  19. Craig Fairfax

    Craig Fairfax illuminati Vereran

    Got it, beat it the day after... So when does uncharted 3 come out again?
  20. Sousanator

    Sousanator Shockingly Delicious

    I just finished the story also, and thought the same thing. [BLACKOUT]I felt something was up, but the ending was still surprising.[/BLACKOUT]

    Also, Batman should have a [BLACKOUT] sword all the time. Samurai Batman is awesome.[/BLACKOUT]

    My favourite part of the game had to be [BLACKOUT]the first Ra al Gaul fight with his minions. I almost had a heart attack the first time they were all mid air and I realized I had to press counter as fast as I could.[/BLACKOUT]

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