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Best and Bad things about Nintendo Ds

best console in these reponses

  • DS

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New Member
0x1 will explain what are the good things about the Nintendo Ds

*Supports Graphics
You don't have to worry about if DS supports graphics, because that's ovious, if not you can't play games

*Ds Download, PICTOCHAT
For all your needs unavaliable to DS cartilage sucj as demos, etc, and also multiplayer and chat to comminicate with you friends and family.

And the DS is fast processing! I think it was made in C/C++.

*No Disc
DS games never get scratch like CD ISO based games consoles.

*Settings, Alarm Clock
You can customize you Nintendo DS to Color, GBA screen configuration, language and you can also use th DS alarm clock just in case you need to get up in the morning!

You can play GameBoy Advance Video games!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE BAD -_-

*Bad Graphics
Some Ds game, you may think they have bad graphics.

*Not easy to Hack the Ds
You may think the Ds is hackable, it is but you need to buy a flash card

*To small of screen
Some people just the the screen is big enough

*Ds too old
I hate this reason, but some people don't play this because of the better and better consoles today