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Beta design feedback regarding hours on PSN


New Member
Hi, I'm using the beta design (and I am overall really impressed with it), but I wanted to bring to your attention a potential layout issue.

By default, PSN does not aggregate information regarding hours played.

I manually added hours played for a few titles because I happened to have the information on file.

Since then, now that the PSN tab has hours in the header, the width of the information seems to be just slightly too big - it is pushing the i icon down, pushing the row of platforms down a level.

As a result - the mouse-over action that occurs hovering over the PSN doesn't actually happen if you hover over where it is - only if you hover over where it will be.

I've attached some snips to try to demonstrate the issue, but you can probably see the issue in action by going to my profile.

Thank you for the nice design and the useful site! It's been fun to play around with so far.

exophase beta steam.PNG
exophase beta PSN.PNG


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Thanks for the feedback! I made some adjustments - should be fixed now.