Biggest regret as a gamer? Or any?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zx30, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Zx30

    Zx30 Beto

    Seeing as how most of us are gamers, I thought this discussion would be interesting to make. I'm sure we have all regretted a decision or two in our life as gamers. Whether that be buying a game, accessory, or anything else that totally sucked, or maybe even an experience with video games that altered your life in a negative way that you regret.

    For me personally, I wish I could have found a more suitable replacement for fun when I was younger other than video games. You know, something a bit more desired in the work force of society. I feel as though I've wasted a lot of time playing video games when I could have been doing something more productive. It's almost feels like it has become an addiction and I fight every day to stay away from them to get more productive things done, but at times I can't resist playing a game to get a quick feeling of accomplishment even though I realize later that it stands for nothing. I keep trying to tell myself that to help me resist video games and I feel like a smoker trying to quit cigarettes. I play almost a week straight of video games, take a break for a while saying I'm done for good, then jump back into the miserable cycle while procrastinating other things that need to be done. Sometimes I feel the only way out is to grab my Xbox360 and break it with a hammer. Maybe then I'll get some closure and finally feel free...

    So anyways, doesn't have to be this dramatic, it can be something as simple as "I regret buying Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 for $50" or "I regret selling my PSP". It can be anything.

  2. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    I don't really have any major regrets. Back when I was young enough to only be concerned about video games my parents made sure that it didn't become an obsession, and now the urge to play really isn't that great. The only thing that I would like to take back is buying a PSP Go and buying a few games. Brink and Lair come to mind for the latter.
  3. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Staff Member Staff Member

    Trading in Jet Force Gemini on the N64.
  4. Bran

    Bran Yell

    I wish I never got into trading games into Game Stop. I traded in almost all my PSX and PS2 games.

    Anyway I'm sorry you feel that way Zx. I've always felt that games are an amazing creative outlet and have always treasured all the time I spent playing them. I've got 34 PS3 games on my shelf and counting.
  5. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Justin B / Supp. Editor Staff Member Enforcer Team

    One of my favorite games of all time! Still have it somewhere...

    In regards to spending too much time playing games when young: sometimes you can't work until you're 15-16 years old so you better enjoy all the time you can. You can contribute to the workforce after high school or college. Enjoy what time you have now because when you get older you'll have a whole lot less of it
  6. Zx30

    Zx30 Beto

    Now I remember that game. My friend and I had a blast playing the Multiplayer. Probably my first true multiplayer experience with a shooter..Good times..

    Oh yeah. That's a great one. I recall plenty of times that I felt regret for trading games in because I'd always want to play them again later spontaneously. Also, I know my feeling towards games may be a little extreme, but I do love video games a lot and I agree that they are an amazing experience for a creative visual experience and fun of course...I just think they're getting in the way of my new goals in life so I'm slowly adapting to playing them only a little a week. It's been a hard transition from practically playing them all day from about age 4-20.

    Well that's kind of where I am now in life. I'm much older now(23) and beginning to have a lot more responsibility with my 2 jobs(sometimes three, ie photographing people or events) and college. The thing is, I play video games anyway knowing they're more important tasks that need to be done. I guess all I really need to learn is control and patience.

    I guess breaking the Xbox or selling it would be the easy way out...Kind of like suicide. Quick and easy...but I suppose the right thing to do would be to work at it and grow stronger from the experience.
  7. Riorio99

    Riorio99 New Member

    Not picking up Super Metroid and Kirby Super Star for the SNES. Got Donkey Kong Country and Street Fighter 2 instead.
    Buying a 3DS at launch.
    Buying a 40GB PS3
    Trying to self repair a DS Phat
  8. Dan

    Dan Contributor

    Buying a PS3, buying a PSP, buying Activision map packs.

    Also, Runescape.
  9. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    Playing World of Warcraft and allowing myself to get addicted to it and fuck up my high school years.
  10. TheRaiderNation

    TheRaiderNation Spartan

    No regrets as a gamer. Played sports/games evenly as a kid, still studied. Gaming ultimately led me to Computer Science. Couldn't be happier with the way things turned out.
  11. eldiablov

    eldiablov Contributor

    Buying a PSP multiple times :|
  12. Zx30

    Zx30 Beto

    That's the reason why I never played WoW. Because I know when I do, I'll become addicted. There's still time to quit :p

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    While I agree that both Super Metroid and Kirby Super Star are awesome games, DK country was really great too!...or did you not think so?
  13. El Xando

    El Xando "Dam whippersnapper"

    Buying a PSP multiple times.
    Ever playing Runescape.
    Giving away Crash Bandicoot 1-3 on PS1 (hooray for emulators)
    Buying Halo Wars Limited Edition despite having a flashed 360.
    Sort of regret ever buying a PS3.
    Wish I had gotten into PC gaming a bit earlier.
    Buying Halo Reach and Black Ops map packs.

    I have never played World of Warcraft for the same reason as you Zx30. even gave me some free time for getting SC2 quite early.
  14. Andy

    Andy Champion of the Sun

    Choosing HardlyCapable as a gaming alias, I feel like it's too late to change so now I'm stuck with it. Fucking shit
  15. Craig Fairfax

    Craig Fairfax illuminati Vereran


    Other than that I can't think of anything else I regret right now. My mom always made sure that my hobbies didn't get in the way when I was younger, so gaming never had a negative impact on me growing up. Despite that, I've said many times already that when this console generation is up I'm going on hiatus. I don't enjoy them as much as I'd like to anymore and it's an expensive hobby that is only getting more expensive.
  16. Slasher

    Slasher Suck It

    No regrets

    Balls to the wall 24/7/365
  17. El Diablo

    El Diablo Member

    I quit WoW a while ago after I got perma banned even though I got my account back. Thankfully I've been done with it a while.
  18. Seth

    Seth MD Party Room

    I think when I was ten I sold my gameboy color, N64, SNES( with like all my games) for a gamecube and one game, oooh how I wish I dident do that and kept them...
  19. slicer4ever

    slicer4ever Coding random shit

    can't say i've had a regret from anything gaming related, plenty of other things to have regrets about personally.
  20. Craig Fairfax

    Craig Fairfax illuminati Vereran

    Lol Funcoland.

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