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Bitcoin Mining Achievements


New Member
I'm trying to get all the achievements in https://www.exophase.com/game/bitcoin-mining-android/achievements/#1301537 but I'm kinda stuck.

It seems like that 0.00% has unlocked and I'm wondering / searching / looking how to achieve it.
Change manual farm
Change the manual farm to a different type.

55.17% has unlocked, and I have already booked 11.969$ without unlocking the achievement. I have never seen anything higher than 11.969$. Unless people bought some unlocks with real money?
Maximum rate
Sell bitcoins for the maximum exchange rate.

And lastly, unlocked by 6.90%, I have done some repair in the laboratory, but was not able to unlock it yet. Any ideas?
First repair
Carry out the first repair of the installation in the laboratory