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El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Oh jeez, I didn't keep any of my BTC from way back then. Even LTC has went up like crazy. I did re-enter the market in 2014 though, when it was trading around $200, so I've done pretty good. Haven't sold since then.

I also got into ETH, which I find has quite a bit more use cases than BTC. For now I've been holding both.

Nicely done. Considering how much I did keep hearing about it through the years I really should have re-entered the market sooner. I bought £100 of each of BTC, ETH and LTC during the *start* of the dip after BTC hit $11,000, which became £285 after fees. It kept dipping and my coin value went down to about £240ish, it's finally back to £285 now so bit of a shame I could have had more coins for the amount I put in but oh well.

I'm desperately trying to figure out how to recover my wallet from 2011 but I'm sure it's gone. I don't have the public or private key, I don't think I have my boot hard drive from then and even if I did I'm sure the data would have been overwritten.


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Wow. Reading that today is an oddly surreal feeling.
Indeed. Actually looking back I should have just been dumping all my money into BTC back then instead of buying expensive video cards, lol. But who know it would take off as much as it did, I certainly didn't.

The crazy thing is - BTC hasn't really changed much from back when it was only $55. Sure more merchants accept it nowadays but the network itself hasn't scaled to handle many more transactions. I remember Steam actually dropped support for it as a payment method due to how slow the network was getting.

It is still a promising technology, but to me, cryptocurrencies need to scale in order to be useful. Going to be interesting what happens with it another 5-10 years from now.