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Bug with achievement progress bar percentage


New Member

I'm not sure if the issue is just with this game specifically or not, but it seems the progress bar percentage is backwards with this one game in my profile, adn the green progress bar matches that incorrect percentage. I have 65/67 achievements, which is 97%, but the progress bar states that I have 79%, flipping the numbers. The "My Stats" block within the title shows the correct numbers, seems to be just a weird calculation/display bug on the progress bar.




Staff member
Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Actually the 97% one is incorrect, it's supposed to be 79% since the progress calculation is based on RA points by default, rather than achievements. I'll into into why it's not using the proper value there.

There is a profile setting to not use the points based calculation though if you prefer. The reason why we made that the default is it's how PSN and Xbox calculate progress.