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Build Away! -Idle City Builder name changed to Idle City Empire


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I have been playing "Build Away! -Idle City Builder" and I was checking for the achievements that I had. I went to my account, clicked on https://www.exophase.com/game/build-away-idle-city-builder-android/achievements/#1301537 and saw on the right "Game Info Google Play Store" so I clicked on it, to install the game.
The website was loading and it landed on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futureplay.city which has a different name.

I have been playing for like 8 hours now, and no achievement was achieved on exophase. I don't even think the game has achievements anymore.

Seems like the dev changed the name, or something is wrong with the information on exophase that needs a little update?


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I updated the title, the dev must have changed it. It may be that they removed the achievements, they're still showing up when I query for the game info though. Do they show up in the Play Games app?


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It has been moved to Facebook platform since 2016-2017 and there are no achievements in the game anymore.
Still playable on Android (on my smartphone platform Android, don't know about iphone platform) and the cloud to save gameplay is on Facebook.
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