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Buying a New Heatsink


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I'm running a non-overclocked Intel Q6600 Quad at the moment with a stock cooler and I seem to be experiencing rather high idle temperatures (around 48 degrees) so I reckon either the airflow in my case sucks or I need a new CPU cooler.

I bought the CPU, cooler, and mobo off my bro when he built a new rig, so it may be that I knocked the heatsink when installing it into my new case (I never removed the CPU or heatsink from the motherboard).

I have around


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I've had both. I used the A70 for my main rig until I got a NH-D14 and it worked well for an i7 950 @ 4.00ghz. It'll be amazing for a Q6600.

I'm currently using the A50 on my parent's computer with a Q9300. The ambient there is around 80F-83F but the load temps are quite low. I can check exact temps if you want.


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Might pony up and get one myself. My current HSF combo isn't holding up too well. CPU at idle is around 30C (although downclocked), around 55/60C at full load. It's a really old heatsink though that I originally had on a socket939 board. Think it's a Coolermaster Hyper TX2.


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Maybe I'll stall getting the 120mm fans and just grab an A70 to see if the problem lies entirely with the heatsink. I want to get overclocking soon... I tried it this morning with 333x9 (the Q6600 clocks at 2.4GHz stock) - just for fun, really - and my idle temps shot up to around 59, so I just reverted back straight away.

@Menace: I'd be more than happy with 30C idle, but that would mean dropping just under 20C from what I get now. I'm not looking for anything spectacular, I'm just not happy with idle temps of around 48C (as you can imagine).

EDIT: Thanks for the help, Adiuvo.