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Can an admin manually add achievements to my profile?


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Nope, I'm not asking for some free undeserved achievements, but since there's a lot of games that don't synch achievements to my profile, I would like this one game I have just 100%ed, and boy did it take some commitment, to be marked as such on my ExoPhase profile. This game is Rayman Adventures. My achievements don't synch to my GP profile, and therefore to my ExoPhase profile.

Here is the proof that I have earned 100% of the achievements.



I would very much like to see this game completed on my profile and not just at 0%.
Can an admin manually set this please ?

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Sorry, I don't think we will be doing that. We've had reports of sync issues with several other Google Play games, and if I start manually adding achievements in due to syncing problems others will want us to the do the same. Verifying the unlocks are valid through screenshots alone is problematic also. (I believe you, but we can't be sure if someone just copied a screenshot off someone else, etc).

For games with syncing problems maybe we should start adding a notice to the game page. At least, this might help encourage developers to fix their game.