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Can't Get Into Steam Leaderboard


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Hi, recently I can't see my steams' rank in the profile and it says because of "some suspicious activity which doesn't always mean cheat".
What that's mean, why I've got that and how can I unlock it?! Thanks


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Looks like you were flagged for the achievement True Master in Warframe. It seems like you have reset the unlock since. To get listed on the leaderboards again, you need to create an appeal thread here: https://forum.achievementhunting.com/viewforum.php?f=3.

Someone there will review your profile and if everything looks good you will be added back on the leaderboards. Also, in the case of SAM usage, we always recommend making an appeal thread first before resetting the achievements yourself.


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Oh yeah, my brother had unlocked some achivements and I wanted to block them to get them by myself, but not knowing SAM I made a general mess. I've reset everything, even the achivements I've made at beginning and restarted all from beginning, but I didn't know I had to proceed this way.

Thanks very much, I'll make an appeal thread asap