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Multi Capcom Makes Mega Man Universe Official


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What's next for our favorite ?Pew! Pew!? hero? Mega Man Universe. The name itself is nothing new -- you may recall a <a href="http://exophase.com/ps3/trademark-filing-reveals-mega-man-universe-15052.htm" target="_blank">trademark listing</a> that was dug up in April. However, today Capcom officially announced the title, slated to hit the digital destinations of Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

While coy on details, the initial announcement tips the hype scale into shock-and-awe territory, calling the title a "revolutionary take on the seminal classic." It also touts that in Mega Man Universe, "imagination is the star of the game."

Check out the just-released teaser trailer after the break, which pays homage to Ghost n' Goblins among other Capcom classics[...]

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