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Change username?


New Member
Hi! Is it possible to change my username? I was too fast during the registration and an extra "d" ended up in my name.

Thank you!


New Member
Hello i have this problem my steam name is my steam number ID this is wrong and i can not my real name maked can you help me my real steam name iss Casy01 not my steam Id please change this please


New Member
Hello, can you change my nickname from BronTheStig to BaronTheStig . I made a mistake and forgot to add "A". Thank you so much.


New Member
I need to change my name, please allow this feature. Thanks!

EDIT: You guys are doing this via this thread? If so, then please change my account name to Vuldin. Thanks!


New Member
Can I please have my username change to Ibuki? If that is taken can it please be changed to Firepowerr


Staff member
Enforcer Team

xLil SheWolfx

New Member
Hi me again I think I prefer my user name to be my gamertag it looks better. I am really sorry can you change back to xLil SheWolfx please