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Chrome Randomly Stopped Working


Alright so my subscription of Kaspersky just ran out, and everything was working just fine beforehand. So, I uninstalled Kaspersky for the time being and went to look online for alternatives, yet Chrome wasn't connecting to the internet at all. I checked my Windows Firewall settings and allowed Chrome.exe and it's affiliates as exceptions, no joy. I tried reinstalling, yet the installer needs to connect to the internet... which it won't do, yet IE works perfectly fine.

Any suggestions? My last system restore was a month ago for some reason, and I'm trying to avoid rolling back.


Ah thanks, couldn't find that. Still not connecting though :/

Edit: Just got Norton, 19 threats from about an hour of use in IE, what is this


:( I've always used Norton, I've found it the best Antivirus in my experience. Wasn't always as good, but Symantec have really stepped it up recently.


Make sure kaspersky is fully uninstalled. Also make sure windows defender is letting chrome access it. If your using 7 or Vista, make sure to try using, "run as administrator".

And I agree, Nortons is crap.


I just had a roll back, I think it was a recent windows update that just screwed up my windows firewall settings. It blocked a shitload of other stuff, including iTunes processes and Steam.

Norton has allegedly improved a lot over the last few months. So if you haven't used it in that time, your opinion is void.
Yeah they've really stepped it up since a few years back. I've tried a lot of AV's and found Norton to be the most powerful, precise and resource friendly.
After Nod32 slowing down all internet activity, AVG Internet Security 2011, AVG PC Tuneup and Malware antibytes does the job. I'm an AVG guy now.