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What college are you going to?

It's around the time where the priority decisions are made. What college are you going to?

I just got admitted to the University of Illinois for engineering, and I think I'm about 90% sure I'm going. Any of you guys get the word yet?


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College of the Canyons here in Santa Clarita, CA... Hopefully, if I get my financials in order, I'll move back to Vegas and goto UNLV. For now, Community College is the ticket.


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I'm in Brock University right now majoring in Political Science going for my BA. A part of the plan was to apply for criminal studies and be admitted to Niagara College for an accelerated police foundations program during 3rd year. I'm having second thoughts right now though and have set up an appointment with a course counselor to see if I can switch over to a combined major program in computer science and a social science


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Planning on going to UC Davis for a job as an anesthesiologist. They make good money, but the schooling will take quite awhile.


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(I do not remember posting in this thread earlier at all)

I'm planning on attending SUNY Fredonia, near Buffalo, NY.
I've also Applied to SUNY Potsdam, which is only an hour or so away.
I'm going to be going to college for acting.
About 30 minutes ago, I received an acceptance letter from Potsdam.


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You can try Purdue. Their acceptance rate is like 77%.

Thanks. I'll look into that although VT is looking pretty nice as its in-state and helluva lot cheaper. My SAT/ACT performance is pretty comfortable so I'm probably going to work on raising my GPA.


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Seeing as how a lot of people are finishing up applying or have already gotten decisions from colleges this year, I thought I might make a general thread about college, to talk about anything from where you applied to how you like it to how pointless it is. Some things to consider might be...

Where are you looking?

Where did you apply/get accepted or rejected?

Where do you go to college?

Do you like your school/college experience?

Will you ever go to college/is it pointless?

And maybe tips about applying or college life in general...

And if you get accepted somewhere, feel free to post it in here to celebrate :D

Personally, I applied to 7 schools - University of Tampa, University of Miami, Catholic U., George Washington, American, Georgetown, and Penn State.

Got into Tampa, Catholic, Penn State, and Miami. Still have to hear back from GW and American, but I didn't like them too much anyway. Miami is my top school and Georgetown is a close 2nd, but I got deferred to Regular Decision there and definitely won't get anywhere near the money Miami gave me... So I'll probably end up at Miami.