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[Competition] Design A GamerCard


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To celebrate the growing popularity of our dual-purpose GamerCards, we're launching a competition in which community members can submit their own card skins for a shot at inclusion on the site. And did we mention prizes?

We'll choose three skins from the pool of submissions. In addition to having their design featured on eXophase, each winner will be awarded three games of their choosing from the list below[...]

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As a side-note, please post here if you have any questions/concerns on the guidelines. :)


I feel I'm kinda obligated to try and make new designs for the gamercard, so I won't be running for any prize for these.

Empty template

Empty Live stars

Full Live stars

All of the image dimensions are the same with the original gamercard's dimensions.


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I'm thinking about possibly making the cards color agnostic and having a color shifter under the skin selector, what do you think?

Abe Froeman

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Sounds complicated, but it would be a nice option. Would it only lock in those particular colors though, that might be a hindrance?


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I'll have a blast at this maybe tomorrow. Going to see Scot Pilgrim first thing tomorrow :D


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alright, here's two with just xbox live, and steam, 1 with xbox live ontop, the other with steam on top, haven't gotten around to finishing the ps3's version's, it's a black+white theme:





tryagain277 looks like a pretty cool guy.

Eager to see the results of these guys, Chathurga's original design's nice, but I think it's due for a change. Color changing sounds like a good idea as well.

xploren designed the original.
@Slicer, if you don't mind criticism, the Steam icons don't look 'orderly', if you know what I mean. Also, try a few different fonts. That Serif font (Times?) looks bland.

xploren designed the original.

My bad.


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@Slicer, if you don't mind criticism, the Steam icons don't look 'orderly', if you know what I mean. Also, try a few different fonts. That Serif font (Times?) looks bland.
not at all, i don't mind criticism so long as it's constructive=-), anywho, yea the steam arn't exactly orderly, i was trying to get them to be, but their longer length made it a bit tricker in positioning them, as for the font, it is Times, i was going through a few before i settled on times because times was the cleanest imo, however i'll go through some more to try and see if i can get a clean but nicer looking font, unfortunately it won't be for a couple days before i can make the modifications.


i decided to give it a try. my idea might be a little "loud" but idk. let me know what you guys think. its a metal/industrial theme.

here is the template i made:

here is my gamercard:

on a side note, whats the deal with chaturgas, andy's, and ilyace's avatar? x)


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Looks good Nick. The avatars are just a person's impressions of that particular user (this was all coordinated on IRC a while back)


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So far the only comment I have to make is people should put some thought into the placement/size of the individual game images. For instance, xploren's entry has a simple layout but it does work well.


Xploren's design would work well with all colours. Can an optional colour changer be used with that design?


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The designs I've seen so far are pretty neat, though I'm surprised that there have been so little entrys. Especially when there are prizes being offered. :huh: I'd try and make one, but quite frankly, I'm awful at this sort of thing, and even more awful at using Photoshop. I'm sure there are plenty more people here who're capeable of coming up with good designs, though. Dan.? Moose? Why don't you guys give it a go? There might be a Steam game in it for you! :biggrin: