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Cool launcher for UMPC


New Member
I'm using viliv X70
I want to use this product as a carpc.
I have heard a lot of planning to use thepotplayer as UMPC launcher.
Is anyone ever used thepotplayer?


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
If using as a CarPC I highly recommend Centrafuse, it's one of the best frontend softwares available. There's also another one out there that I can't seem to remember the name right now though

EDIT: StreetDeck is the other one I was thinking of


New Member
I'll compare it

But Centrafuse is expensive.
I downloaded thepotplayer demo version.
I have been using it.

Nice design, excellent usability.
Anyway, try do more.
I'll compare it with Centrafuse.