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PC Counter-Strike: Source 75% off

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This Steam Weekend deal have CS:S (Counter Strike Source) only for 5$


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Go to main steam store front and download the steam clinet.

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Weekend Game Pre-loads

Dreamkillers is free to play this weekend only!


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This is the one everyone plays and is horribly overrated. It'd be good if there were more vanilla servers, but most are just surf\rpg\dm etc. etc.


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I don't have any specific servers anymore. I used to play on different clan servers all the time with AndyMosh but I haven't played with him in ages. Now I just jump between various servers looking for the certain maps I like.

When the MfM Server is up (I don't know when that is, though), I will be playing there regularly.


If I do get the MfM server up anytime soon, it will likely not be a surf server until I get some other things done around MfM.