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Crash N.Sane Trilogy

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The Trophy lists have gone public. I was hoping for more trophies for each game (the collection has 70 trophies total, not counting the 3 Platinums), but at least it has 3 Platinums and a $40 pricetag.

Not bad. Would be even better if each separate game had around 50 trophies.
While I agree that more trophies are never a bad thing, I'm personally happy each game has roughly 6-7 gold trophies. When a game has 50 trophies you only get a gold or two (unless a title update or something comes along later). Could just be me though.
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:) I almost never even take note of how many of each grade of trophies a game has. Why is it important that it has many Golds? Just because it lets your PSN-profile level up faster?
Essentially, yes!

Now, if I wanted to be uber technical, I'd say games with more golds helps me make up for the platinums I can't obtain due to some games having online requirements and my internet connection is almost as bad as plugging an ethernet cable into a potato...lol.

On a side note, I'm mainly hoping these things run flawlessly. Activision's recent forays into remasters (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 for PS4 most notably) were broken for a lot of people. June 30th can't get here soon enough!