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Crew 2 on exophase have less achievements then what are actually in Uplay launcher ?


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Only 18 challenges are added here for Crew 2, while there are ~34 achievements on Uplay. Can this be added/updated ? Or I'm missing something..

I do have gold edition on PC, first time I activated 3 months Uplay+, I can only assume that some achievements are updated after release. It would be nice to see that fixed :D
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Enforcer Team
Are you looking at the achievements or the challenges? Only the latter are tracked for Uplay.

I checked the Ubisoft mobile app and it's showing 18 challenges there. There's no way to access the achievement data still unfortunately.


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Seems like that I didn't inform myself enough how Ubisoft tracking works atm. I'm sorry. Challenges are on point, that's why I said that I'm missing something probably :)