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Cuphead Steam Achievements Exp Issue


New Member
Hi everyone,
I just noticed that the EXP for Cuphead on Steam are somewhat excessive currently (since the DLC came out) . It now has a total of 50000 EXP, so that even the easiest achievements get you >500 EXP. I just wanted to post it here, in case someone wants to fix it.

Thanks very much!


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
It will auto-balance itself after more people unlock those achievements. That's how the system is supposed to work, it rewards rarity. 47,450 tracked for Cuphead and only 4 people unlocked the newly added achievements.

Golf With Your Friends was at 50k EXP during the week the new update came out too, and now it's at 27,918 EXP.

Games with new updates will always reward more EXP because of their nature, only a low percentage of people return to them to unlock all the new content.


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Ahh ok, I did not realize, that the EXP for a particular games also depended on the rarity of the individual achievements. Thank you for clarifying this!