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Daedalus R9 Compatibility Table


For those of you who have been fighting with Daedalus R9, trying to get your ROMs working, Wally, Infernomax and Sroon have the answer. They have finally completed their detailed Daedalus R9 compatibility table and I am sure you'll find it a Godsend.

At a whopping 338 ROMs, this list is by far the most useful and comprehensive out there. You can stop hunting for a better list, because you won't find one better than this.

Take a look at it here!

Nice work Wally, Infernomax and Sroon!


Staff Member
hhahaha,can't believe they listed clayfighter 63 and a third.....

its often voted worst game on the n64 ever....alongside superman 64.....


ah well :p


aXr^2 Developer
This list doesn't make much sense. Certain games I'm looking at say "Y/N".. What the .... is that supposed to mean? It works but it doesn't work?:confused:


If it has a Y/N, then that means they weren't sure/couldn't come up with definitive answer to whether it works or not.